6 Proven Ways of Making Money Online

Shafiya Aslam

Shafiya Aslam

We are living in an age where we have access to the entire world at our fingertips. Even though there are so many disadvantages of this internet era there are also some advantages that we should make use of. One of those advantages is “Making Money Online”. It has opened a new door of opportunity for women, giving us the freedom to work from home and finally being able to be financially independent.

Think about it in this way:

  • You want more money in less time and effort.
  • Why? So you can spend more quality time with your loved ones and live an independent life.
  • Why? So you can be a great parent, sibling, lover, or a friend. And help people in need.
  • And the list goes on and on!

Anybody can make money online today but it has to be halal (permissible, legal). If you have to fool someone in order to earn, you don’t really need that kind of money. Remember! Whatever business or service you do, be honest! don’t play with people’s trust. I have done some deep research for you and have picked the most 6 halal (permissible, legal) ways to earn money online. 

In this lesson, I’ll be talking about such proven methods of making money online from the comfort of your own home. There are plenty of ways to make money online from home but all of those methods falls under 6 main categories. They are:

  1. Selling E-products
  2. Providing premium services
  3. Sponsored contents
  4. Affiliate marketing
  5. Coaching and Consulting
  6. Selling Membership access

Each of these methods of making money online requires a certain things like a website, social media accounts, email marketing platform, software subscriptions, large audience, selling platforms etc…

You can’t just choose one of these methods and earn money the first day. These are long term methods which will give you an opportunity to earn a passive income on a regular basis. So each of these steps requires hard-work and patience. No overnight success in any business!

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Method 01 – Selling e-Products

You can only make money by selling something. Let it be a service, a coaching session, or something else basically you are selling something to someone to get payed and that’s how you earn in the online world.

People make a good passive income by selling e-products (aka digital products) such as: e-books, online courses, templates, themes, printable etc. but your product has to be so awesome that is worth buying because the internet is already flooded with awesome freebies and low priced e-products. The competition is really high.

Selling e-products requires the skill of creating great new products on a regular basis and the ability to market yourself to the right audience. These are the things you’ll need to make money by selling e-products:

  • Awesome e-products.
  • A platform to sell (ex. A WooCommerce website, Creative Market, Etsy etc..)
  • The right audience (email list, social media followers etc)
  • Digital marketing and communication skills.
  • A money transfer account (PayPpal, Stripe, etc).
  • A good computer + smart phone (with internet).

Looks easy right? It is honestly not that hard. Build an audience while you create your products and once done create a demo product and offer it for free. Get feedback and testimonial. Fix anything that has to be fixed and start selling. You won’t be able to sell on the first day but as your brand recognition improves gradually people will start trusting you and also will start buying from you!

Examples of e-products from my Digital Shop:

printable planner 2019 floral pink weekly planner

Method 02 – Providing Premium Services

You don’t need a special degree to offer services online. No! I’m not talking about specialists like doctors and lawyers. They of course need a degree to help people even through the internet. I’m talking about other services like designing, marketing, managing, crafting etc… The list goes on and on. The types of services you can offer online is unlimited.

Just like other money making methods, providing premium services has a high competition too but you can make a good amount of money with very less clients and you have to be an expert in whatever service you provide. At least you have to know more than what your clients already know.

Providing premium services requires more than one skill. If you are a solopreneur you have to do all the tasks by all yourself which will be overwhelming in the beginning but as you grow big and start automating each task, things will become easier than before.

You can’t be a solopreneur forever if you choose to provide premium services, as you grow big you’ll require at least a team of extra 2-3 people. A fair amount of investment is also a must in this category. Here are a couple of things you’ll need to provide premium services online:

  • Narrowed down and niche based services.
  • A well designed website / landing page platform / Job providing platform access.
  • Email marketing platform.
  • Well established brand.
  • Large audience.
  • A blog (optional)
  • Different skills like digital marketing, managing, researching, writing, designing, communication etc…
  • A good computer + smart phone (with internet connection).
  • Patience!

Service based business takes at least a year to grow. If you are not consistent and have no patience, chances are you’ll quit at this soon. If you don’t have any special skill start by learning and practicing. Work for others at a lower cost and improve your skill. Once you are ready and have the money to invest in your business, create a website (which I recommend most rather than joining job providing networks) and start growing your audience by marketing to the right people. Then once you get a client, work for them and provide a great client experience.

Get testimonials and start building your portfolio. As you keep doing more progress your business will grow and you’ll get more clients.

This method of making money online is not as easy as selling digital goodies but if you are talented enough to provide quality services and make clients happy you’ll earn a great amount money. I’d recommend you to have other revenue streams too so if you don’t get a client you’ll still get money from other revenue streams.

The key here is helping people improve their life and business in one way or another!

Method 03 – Sponsored Content

Bloggers and influencers are the new celebrities. These days, companies have started to contact bloggers and influencers with a large audience and engagement rate to promote and review their products without having to flood their buyers with 1000s of ads at once.

So if you have a high amount of page views on your website or if you have a large audience on Social Medias you can start earning a good amount of money with sponsored contents. Sometimes if companies notices you and your engagement rate as you become famous, they’ll contact you to promote their business. If not you have to contact them in order to get booked and payed.

Sometimes these companies pay with products and sometimes they pay with money. So if you already have a good amount of page views and followers this method will work wonders for you but if you don’t have any of it you can start creating a website and start blogging to increase page views or create a social media account like Instagram OR Facebook and start growing your audience by providing value on a daily basis.

Once you think you are ready, start contacting companies and small businesses about your deal, as a beginner you’ll get a lot of rejections but don’t give up. You’ll gradually start getting sponsorship. These are the stuffs you’ll need in order to make money online via sponsored content:

  • A blog with a lots of viewers
  • OR a Social Media account with a large audience + engagement rate.
  • Digital Marketing Skill.
  • List of small businesses and companies.
  • Email marketing account.

Method 04 – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing helps people make money online even without a website but having one will definitely boost the game. Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer (seller) pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals. Basically you have to promote their product by referring it to your audience, when one of your audience buy from the affiliate link you provided the company will pay a percentage of commission for you.

Affiliate programs will be available for most of the things you use. All you have to do is research and if available join their program and start referring clients.

If you have a website already then you can write a blog post where you can post the affiliate link and make people click it (you have to mention that it’s an affiliate link). If you don’t have a website you can still promote the links on Social Medias like Facebook or Instagram.

Pinterest is a great choice! All you have to do is create pins related to the product and attach the affiliate link. If you love creating videos then you can create YouTube videos to promote those affiliate links in the video description.

What will you need to start affiliate marketing?

  • A blog with a good amount of traffic
  • OR a social media account with a good following
  • Large audience
  • Marketing, Designing and Copy-writing skills
  • An affiliate program
  • A bank account to transfer commissions
  • Computer with internet connection

Method 05 – Coaching and Consulting

Just like providing premium services, coaching or consultation sessions require some skills and investment. Coaching and consulting are not the same thing. A coach is someone who partner up with the client and train them reach a certain goal by guiding them along the way. Meanwhile, a consultant is an expert who is called on for professional or technical advice and opinions.

Both requires a good communication and marketing skills as you have to present yourself well as an expert. You have to know what you are doing, you’ll require strategies and a lots of lessons to start earning money via this method. You actually have to help people solve their problem so you can get payed.

There are already plenty of people in this field and they are being successful in what they do. If they can do it, you can do it too. If you know about a topic better than others and you are ready to spread that knowledge then this method will be perfect for you.

If you wonder what you’ll need to start a coaching or consulting career, here they are:

  • A well designed website to explain your services
  • Personal branding to present yourself as an expert
  • Quality photographs of yourself
  • Communication + Marketing skills
  • Different tools and software subscriptions
  • Testimonials from past clients to build trust
  • A blog (optional but recommended)

Method 06 – Selling Membership Access

This method is not right for beginners but if you are in business for more than a year or two and have got enough valuable contents then this is a great way of earning a passive income. In fact opening a membership site has to be one of your business goals. Most bloggers and entrepreneurs starts their membership site within 2-3 years. Think about it! If you have about 300-500 members in your club and each one pays $50 every month you get 300 x $50 = $15,000 – $25,000 per month and $180,000 – $300,000 per year!!!

If you want to achieve such a goal in 3 – 4 years, I’ll say start small. First set your yearly goals and start growing your business. Create niche based valuable contents that’s worth paying for in the first two years. Grow an audience who loves what you do and trusts you. Once you grow your business, automate your sales funnel system in the following year and create a membership site where you open invites every 3-6 months.

When you create a membership site and gradually grow you members’ count, keep producing new contents every month. So they don’t cancel the subscription. 

That is it! I have given you the 6 proven ways of making money online. Now all you have to do is… Learn! Plan! And start putting it on action. Just start without giving any lame excuses. It will take time to succeed but never give up on what you do! If you have a business idea and have no idea how to make it in to a profitable automated business, you can book a free consultation session with me here.

If you are just getting started or in business for more than a year but you feel like something is missing and you know that you can do things better than what you are currently doing but have no idea how, my Brand Your Business in 5 Days – Free email course” is a great choice to learn all the A-Z of how to turn your small business into a Brand!

If you already have planned on what to do and are looking to turn your business into a brand I can help you with it. I help bloggers and entrepreneurs build modern brands and responsive websites which generate more quality leads and high-end sales on autopilot. If you want to build a website from scratch or looking forward to revamp your existing site, you are at the right place! I love helping people like you!

If you are really ready to invest in yourself to boost your business to the next level all you have to do is: Book a free discovery call by contacting me here OR email me at: [email protected]

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6 Proven Ways of Making Money Online!

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